Eric Holder

Holder today stated that amnesty for illegal aliens is a civil right. What is this crap? First he refuses to enforce our laws, then he tries to gut illegal guns in mexican hands to kill Americans and now he says amnesty.

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2 Responses to Eric Holder

  1. Randall Hurd says:

    Eric Holder shouldn’t surprise you at what he does, but has outlived his stay. Obama and Holder are covering each other and those days have come and gone. Hopefully sooner than later.
    Also he was on the news to talking about Europe standing with the US. Everyone is waiting for this POS to leave, no one will help him, he can do no more harm than is allowed, and impeachment to strip any power left should be done immediately.

  2. Randall Hurd says:

    Everything I’ve heard or seen attached to his name shows that he’s intentionally breaking all the branches before he leaves that tree house.

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