Election over?

Well the conservatives took over Congress. Will this motivate President Obama to change his plans? We will see.

Harry Reid won. Why? Answers range from Angle being weak to Reid being better at this than Angle.

Reid had the endorsement of major Republicans in Nevada. Mayors of Reno, Sparks and Las Vegas. He had the endorsement of the casino industry leaders. Why?

The main answer that was given was, “Reid is the most powerful man in congress and we need his support.” In the last couple of years, I have not seen any support from Senator Reid. President Obama told the US not to spend money in Vegas. Reid said nothing.

Nevada gaming economy is down. Un employment is the highest in the country, Housing foreclosures and Bankruptcies lead the nation. Where is his help? I have not seen it. Reid took two counties. Angle had the rest. Unfortunately, more people live in Vegas than the rest of the state. Hence, where Vegas goes, goes the state.

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