Socailsm a Threat

The government drift to socialism is a major threat to our way of life and could mean the end of the United States.

Socialism has been proven not to work.

This is not just me saying that but the rest of the world. It seems that the powers in our government want to move in that direction when the rest of the world is moving out of that direction.

Socialism depends upon taking from the producers and distributing it to the non producers.

Fidel Castro just came out and after 50 plus years says communism does not work. It was a failure. The former USSR became broke because the US spent them to death. Maggie Thatcher, the ex PM of the UK, stated socialism works until you run out of other peoples money.We are borrowing money from China. China owns most of our debt. If you forget, China is not a big fan of the US. Look at their move from Communism to the free market. They are the main producers for the world of manufactured goods. Our money goes to them for their goods. Where do we get our money? We either print print it or borrow it from the Chinese.

The US has the highest debt in history. President Obama and his regime is  pushing socialism in the medical fields, auto industry,  Oil industry and now they are trying to regulate the food industry by telling all of us what to eat.

Industry and the sale of goods ran this country. We were the leaders in the industrial revolution. Heny Ford, Boeing, Standard oil, General Electric, the chemical industry and the push of the computer industry. It started here.

If we continue upon the path of socialism, we will kill our golden goose.

I was in the casino industry for 30 years. One of my mentors, Swede Olsen”gave me an analogy on treating customers so that they will come back. He stated, We treat people like dairy cows. We feed them, brush them, take care of them and milk them. If we kill our dairy cows for meat, that is the end of our milk and our last meal. Now we need to produce money to find and purchase another cow. We do not kill our dairy cows.

If the US continues to increase taxes, increase regulations and make business difficult, how do we produce the milk for our country? Government is not a producer. It is a parasite and it lives off the income of the producers.

I believe in government. Government set up by the people and for the people.I also believe in the private sector putting people to work. Jesus said, if you give a man a fish, he will eat for one day. If you teach him to fish, he will eat for the rest of his life. This doctrine is reflected in all religions including Islam.

Socialism consumes itself. Socialism is a cancer.  It eats itself until it dies. We are on that path for now.

Wake up America.

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