Airline Cargo Threat

Well here we are again. Security of the US may have been breach. We are once again targets of some people in the Middle East who happen to practice Islam.

The packages came from Yemen. Let me tell you about a story I have on the Yemen border.

In 1995 (about) I was in Najaran Saudi Arabia. It is on the Yemen border.

I was there with a business partner was was ex navy seal and were were demonstrating a material to reduce watering needs in the area.

I was on personal time and walking in Najaran when a call pulled up and to young men got out and asked if I wanted to go to a party. They had beer and women.

I told them thanks but no thanks and I had a plane to catch in the morning.

They told me that they would make sure I would make the plane.

Being in and out of Saudi for almost 4 years at that time I know something was up. I told them, I have to check in with the police captain for that area since he was my sponsor. At that time, they go into their car an left.

A week later, I read that two Americans were kidnapped in Najaran and taken to Yemen. The Americans were staying in Najaran, Saudi Arabia.

Well you guessed it, I miss being kidnapped. There were 4 American in that town that day and they caught the other two.

Allah was looking out for me.

I have spent a lot of time in the Middle East from 1992 to 1997. I have friends who are Muslim. Islam has the same stories as our Old Testament. Islam changes course from the time of Muhammad ot the present. The differene between Sunni and Shiite is one follows Fatima and the other group follows Muhammad’s brother. They fight between each other.

Remember Islam does not belive in religious tolerance. Christianity is not allowed to be practiced in Saudi Arabia.

There are good Muslims. But to this date, I have not see any one of the Islamic faith stand up against the terrorism that is being directed toward the US or Christianity. How long are we going to ignore this threat. The ideologies differ from our basic beliefs that the US was founded upon.

We need to protect ourselves and be aware of our sorroundings and those around us.

Juan Williams concerns are not bigoted but are founded.

Open your eyes. Do not give the keys to your home to a thief and not expect to be robbed.

Man up America!!! Wake up.

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